and it REALLY feels like no one is working…but alas, there are a few among the trees…me. 🙂

summertime in sweden. its a real religious experience where most all native practice what they preach and do absolutely nothing…or as little as possible.

our little town of nyköping becomes pretty much vacant…which is kind of nice for those of us that toot around to do the daily chores. but its also a time for me, a business owner to reflect on things done and things to do. im still designing and concepting as normal..just at a little slower pace which suits me fine. time to plan new marketing strategies to get more business & clients is always a growth process. helping fellow colleagues in their quest for greatness…well thats always a job i thrive on. which american wouldn’t want to help someone achieve their dream?

well…just a little hej hello to those out there that might be listening:) carry on…carry on.


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