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With the business climate being so international, it is also very important to have your marketing material in English to capture your global audience. we also work to enhance the swedish customers needs by providing a variety of language related services.

One of our main strengths at idébyrå+46 is helping our clients reach out to markets outside sweden, which need to be in English. you get design & effective text to suit your needs.

Translation = swedish > english< swedish : hindi or kannada > english
Copywriting = english text | headlines | advertising campaigns | descriptions
Private lessons= conversational english skills training | basic english writing & comprehension (all ages)
Business prep = CV creation | writing | interview skills | english speech confidence [ESC] Marketing = design & creation of marketing material such as brochures, websites, flyers, conference material, powerpoint presentations all in the internationally required language of english.
Voiceover = american female voice : indian female voice

[ be clear. be real ]

Yamini Someshwar is a a native English speaker, having been born & brought up in the US. She has a voracious appetite for the language and reads and writes for pleasure and as a division of her company as well. She has written articles published in the design and travel industry in the US and India. Living in Sweden since 2004, has opened up a new arena to benefit the local Swedish industry with translation work from Swedish to English and concepting and creating English based marketing material for various industries. It is essential to make a good first impression and with correct and meaningful writing.

Yamini has also conducted English workshops where the emphasis was on building up the CV for job opportunities outside of Sweden & interviewing skills, tactics and preparation. Conversational English is an essential part of her skills.

Having a real American accent can sometimes be required for certain circumstances. Yamini has experience with voice over work and is available for such projects. Being of Indian heritage, that accent is also no problem! 🙂


2017  Conversational English course for 25 GE Power employees for Blommenhöf Utbildning  [nyköping, sweden]

2017 Hemspråk Engelska lärare för Barn, Utbildning & Kultur / oxelösunds kommun 

20172013Hemspråk Engelska lärare för Barn, Utbildning & Kultur / nyköpings kommun 

2016 Conversational English course for SAAB  for CELT AB (linköping, sweden)

2015Conversational English course for SAAB  for CELT AB (linköping, sweden)

2015  Conversational business English course medical terminology for company doctor & nurse SSAB  for Blommenhöf Utbildning  [nyköping, sweden]

2014/2016 • Swedish<English translation for Nils Oscar‘s website [nyköping, sweden]

2014 Conversational business English course/workshop instructor at Kustbostäder Oxelösund &  SSAB  for Blommenhöf Utbildning  [nyköping, sweden]

2013 Conversational English  instructor at medborgarskolan  [nyköping, sweden]

2013-12  Conversational business English course instructor at Schneider Electric,  SSAB, Holmen Paper & Tilia Konsult for Blommenhöf Utbildning  [nyköping, sweden]

2012-10 English proofreading for the EU 2020 Going Local project [nyköping, sweden]

2011 English interview skills & CV prep Workshop for senior students at NS Utbildning [nyköping,sweden]

2011  English based brochure for ECR Sales [nyköping, sweden]

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